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Best Lip Plumper – Updated Review

Posted by Paris Perry on January 14, 2012

Best Lip Plumper – Top Recommendations

best lip plumper 11 Best Lip Plumper   Updated Reviewbest lip plumper 21 Best Lip Plumper   Updated Reviewbest lip plumper 32 Best Lip Plumper   Updated Reviewbest lip plumper 4 Best Lip Plumper   Updated Review

Before I give you the Best Lip Plumper , I want to let you know that I have provided different options as some people just have different tastes.  I have used Idol lips and it does wonders for me and I highly recommend as the Best Lip Plumper to all my girl friends. Regardless, you’ll need to try it for yourself and let it bring out the lovely lips of yours. Let’s see who the winner is now:

Best Lip Plumper: WINNER: Idol Lips

After trying many different lip plumpers, my best results would have to be from the Idol Lips lip plumper. This is a highly talked about product that is somewhat newer to the market (newer than brands such as Lip Venom etc.). There have been alot of misleading reviews about this product online, with some people saying it is a scam. That is one of the reasons I got it to try out and I was actually very impressed by how well it worked! The reason I recommend Idol Lips as the best lip plumper so much is really because simply put, it gave me the biggest effect without the nasty burning and stinging side effects.  My lips actually seemed to plump before my eyes giving a kind of swollen, pouty look. It also got rid of the fine lines and wrinkles. This lip plumper works by stimulating blood flow to the lips – thus increasing the “water content” of your lips. It also uses Vitamins B and E to nourish skin cells for smoothness. It is the best lip plumper for me, hands down. GO visit their site on the link below:

 Best Lip Plumper   Updated Review

Idol Lips lip plumper was also the best lip plumper in terms of the moisturizing and conditioning of any of the lip plumpers I had tried. The cheap lip plumper products especially left my lips cracked and peeling by the end of the day, OW. If you look at the list of the ingredients, nearly half of them are moisturizing agents including the oils, glycerin, natural waxes that you should be looking for in the best lip plumper products.

Best Lip Plumper – Where to Buy IdolLips

If you are interested at all, the Idol Lips company is actually a member of the Natural Products Association and is a company which uses high quality, natural ingredients and nutritional science and are constantly innovating new products for health and beauty. Their products are made in the USA and are easy to purchase from online sites making it easily as the best lip plumper. They also sometimes offer a risk-free trial period or free trial kits on their website so keep your eye out for those!

Best Lip Plumper – Runner Up for Best Lip Plumper: CushyLips

CushyLips is another obscure product on the market that not many people know about. In my quest for the best lip plumper, I decided to try it out because I liked how it had the lip plumper and lip gloss in one stick. Also, the gloss is slighlty tinted adding a really nice natural tint to your lips, really great for for day-to-day wear with natural makeup. This plumper worked really well, and quickly. There was a bit of tingling but nothing compared to the cheaper products. I did not experience any of the burning, redness, drying or flaking as I had with other products and the consistency was really nice. It contains vitamins E and B which help nourish the skin cells , something the best lip plumper should do, and I think thats what keeps them so moist, soft and healthy. CushyLips also has long-lasting effects and you really only need to use it a few times per day. Also, it absorbs into your lips quickly so that you can apply tinted or coloured lip gloss over top.

 Best Lip Plumper   Updated Review

The only problem again is that it is higher in price, although not as much as Idol Lips. This is because of the vast number of high quality ingredients. If you were to purchase a small vial of vitamin E oil for instance, it work out to roughly the same price so even that makes it worth it. Also, you are getting the lip gloss with it so its really double the value. I personally bought the 4 pack online which are roughly $50 and I still have these and use them after a year later! You can buy CushyLips, the second best lip plumper here:

Best Lip Plumper – Second Runner Up for Best Lip Plumper: Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL – Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy

This product actually works slightly different than conventional lip plumpers because it works overnight and its the 2nd runner up for the best lip plumper. You apply this lip plumper in your night-time washing up routine just before bed. It has different ingredients than the standard products including HA (Hyaluronic Acid) which is basically a type of protein that builds and maintains full skin tissue and binds water. It is essentially similiar to what gets injected into you in cosmetic procedures. However, unlike surgery, this form of the nutrient gets absorbed overnight into your lips giving you a fuller, swollen, pouty look in the morning time.

As this is a clear product, I recommend purchasing the “Get Infatuated” kit which contains 3 mini vials of tinted lip-plumper for touch ups and adding colour to your lips. This can be used throughout the day to give an added boost to your plumpness. Also, these are more affordable and can be bundled with the Advanced Therapy XL lip plumper on Amazon. Ratings for the LipFusion XL Lip Plumper are very good. On Amazon, it got 5 out of 5 stars average and reviews rave about the little side effects, great consistency, good effects and ease of use. Users even agree that they can skip a night and still see some effects the next day. They also say this is the best lip plumper for getting rid of lines and wrinkles on and above the lips. That is another reason why it made my best lip plumper list. The only thing I didn’t like was how it does wear off slightly in the evening time. If you are going out at night, on a date for instance, I suggest applying this in the MORNING and not wearing any lip products until the night’s event comes. That way, you are timing the maximum effects to when you want to look your best!

The Best Lip Plumper – Where to Buy Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL – Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy

The best place to buy the LipFusion brand again is online as it is not available in many drug stores or cosmetic stores. They are easily available from Amazon which delivers to your door free of charge for orders over $50. Also, the orders get shipped quickly and they have great customer service. This makes it that much easier to get your best lip plumper faster and cheaper. You can pay by credit card or debit through PayPal.

Best Lip Plumper – Third Runner Up – Buxom Big & Healthy Full-Color Lip Polish

Buxom is a line of mineral products and has their own set of lip plumpers. This lip plumper is more affordable than the above lip plumpers, but the effects are not as big. There is a tingly minty sensation on the lips which most customers agree makes their lips increase in fullness. I found that it was more the sensation that gave me the illusion of having fuller lips and generally it just made me feel good and confident. The best thing about these lip plumpers and the reason that they make it on my list for the best lip plumper is that they come in great colours – named after women e.g “Betsy, Sophia, Raquel”. For a fair-skinned person like me, the best colours are the pale ones such as Carmen, Sophia and Stella. The colours are really nice and there is more colour than sheerness which is rare in a lip plumper. Also, the glossiness gives it a looking glass effect. Also, the consistency of the Buxom lip plumper is really nice and is not sticky. The tingling is mild and as I said before gives you the confidence you are most likely looking for.

Best Lip Plumper – Buxom Ratings and Where to Buy

Actual customers on Amazon gave this product great reviews – at 4.5 out of 5 stars and it great for anyone who is just looking to start off using a lip plumper or who can’t afford IdolLips or CushyLips as each one is the top rated best lip plumper. This product however does not have as great of visible effects of fullness and is better used for the colour properties. Also, the tingling effect does not last long so the value is not as worth it as the IdolLips or Cushy Lips.

The Buxom Big and Healthy Full-Colour Lip Plumper is available here:(Remember, through Amazon, if you buy in bulk, you get free shipping so its very worth it!)

Best Lip Plumper 2012

Although these are the most recent and up and coming lip plumper products on the market for 2011, there will always be new products being created and new ratings, reviews and product information being written. I will update the best lip plumper blog if I find a new product that beats any of my most highly recommended products.

Best Lip Plumper

Posted by Paris Perry on January 4, 2012

Best Lip Plumper – The Best Lip Plumper Buyer’s Guide

best lip plumper 1 Best Lip Plumperbest lip plumper 2 Best Lip Plumperbest lip plumper 3 Best Lip Plumperbest lip plumper 13 Best Lip Plumper

Are YOU look for the Best Lip Plumper ?  Well have YOU ever looked at pictures of Angelina Jolie and said to yourself “ I hate her and her beautiful lips” ? For those of us who were not born with the exceptionally rare gift of big, soft and lusious puckers, it’s easy to feel jealous when we see celebrities and others with naturally full lips or who are using expensive procedures including surgery to get the beautiful full lips we all crave. Because not all of us have the funds (or the willpower) to undergo such drastic and often risky procedures, we are alas left searching for an alternative and we need to get our hand on the Best Lip Plumper .

But wait, we have all heard about lip plumper products that promise to give you soft and full lips in a matter of seconds, but do these really work? Yes! Customers who have invested in the best lip plumper products have been raving about the quick, painless, beautiful and long-lasting effects of lip plumpers! These products are much cheaper than collagen injections or other plastic procedures and the best lip plumper products are convenient, safe and produce more natural results! Lip plumpers also work great for aging women with lines and wrinkles forming on their lips. The best lip plumper products work by increasing water content in the lips which fills in these lines and wrinkles naturally giving a smooth and full appearance in a matter of minutes.

Finding the best lip plumper is easy when you know what you are looking for and when you listen to reviews and ratings from actual, unbiased users of the products. After researching and trying nearly every lip plumper on the market in the past 3 years, I have finally narrowed down my search to 3 of the best lip plumper products on the market. These have all been highly reviewed on sites like Amazon and are all conveniently available to purchase online as well! I personally do all my shopping online as it is convenient and usually has the best lip plumper prices available on the maket without the hefty markup.

Scroll down to skip to the Top 3 Rated and Recommended Best Lip Plumper Products on the Market!

What To Look For In The Best Lip Plumper ?

While looking for the best lip plumper there are a number of things you should consider before you decide to purchase. Many first buyers just go with the cheapest product that is called “Lip Plumper” and hope that it works. But why waste your money – these are just glorified lip glosses which usually have little to no effect and if any, these are not long-lasting. When looking for the best lip plumper out there, most reviews from users look for the following 7 things:

  1. Immediacy of Effects: The effects of the best lip plumper will appear within a few minutes or at a predictable point in time (e.g. Overnight). The reason why the best lip plumpers should work predictably is so that you can time your lip plumping effects for special events. This helps you get the most out of your lip plumper.
  2. Moisturizing Effects: The best lip plumper has natural ingredients that enhance lip moisture and health and protects lips from dryness. These can be ingredients such as almond, mango, avacadoor  olive oils, shea butter, glycerin, and natural waxes.
  3. Consistency of Product: The actual gloss should be light, smooth and non-sticky as this just feels much better on the lips and prevents drying.
  4. Duration of Effect: The best lip plumper products last a long time making it more worth your money.
  5. No Negative Side-Effects: Although the best lip plumper may tingle a small bit, this is just the action of the product. There should be no itching, redness, pain, extreme burning or stinging.
  6. Affordability/Being Worth-it: A good lip plumper will be easy on the pocket or at least will last a long time for the investment. For example, if the product works for 12 hours, then you only need to apply it once per day most likely. The best lip plumper lasts a long time and thus makes it more affordable in the long run.
  7. Colour or Stain: For added convenience and beauty, some of the best lip plumper products have added colours or lip stains adding a beautiful glow and tint to your lips and making your daily makeup routine that much easier.

The Best Lip Plumper – Tips for Using The Best Lip Plumper Products

Another important thing you need to consider before finding the best lip plumper is the way you are using the products. If you use them correctly, you are more likely to get the results you are looking for.

To get the best lip plumper effects, manufacturers and users recommend the following tips:

  • Before applying, make sure your lips are clean and dry and do not have any other products on them such as lip stick or lip gloss. These will prevent the product from being absorbed and will basically waste the product.
  • Use a thin even layer of product and use the applicator that comes with the lip plumper to avoid product getting onto your finger and possible into your eyes.
  • Time the application of the product with when you want the maximum effects to occur. If the product takes a few hours to work, apply it a few hours before your party or event. If it only takes a few minutes, take the product with you to apply at the event itself and throughout the time period.
  • Some users recommend using a hair dryer on low setting at 30 cm away from the lips for 30 seconds only to heat the area which increases blood flow and absorbtion of the product.

The Best Lip Plumper on the Market

Well the results are in for the best lip plumper. You could spend days reading thousands of customer reviews and trying to piece together the information, which is why I have done it all for you! With all the information I have gathered and by personally trying out many of the products myself, I am now able to list the pros and cons of each lip plumper and offer my top recommendations for the best lip plumper.

And the winner for best lip plumper is….


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